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About Inspired Soul


Have you ever experienced yourself, spending hours in front of the mirror, being super frustrated, because you simply can't find the right outfit to cover yourself, yet look stylish and still feel comfortable? Well - You are NOT alone! 

We at Inspired Soul have had enough of layering, and accepting limited options when we want to express our own style, be an active member of society and feel unlimited in any occasion we are in - with our hijabs. 

Inspired Soul is a Malaysia-based company with Danish-Iraqi origins, who launched their breakthrough innovative hijab solution, the T-Jab™ ; an integration of a T-shirt and a hijab.

The brand is a reflection of the cosmopolitan, ambitious and stylish urbanite Muslim woman, who have long enough experienced challenges when aiming to dress in a presentable  and professional way, while adhering to her beliefs and perceptions of appropriate modest dressing.
Being a hybrid girl, of Muslim background, who grew up in the West and was surrounded by many different cultures all the time, the founder have been inspired by the different cultures reflected on the styles of fashion icons and influencers. Hence the name, Inspired Soul came up, which reflects the personality and soul of the brand. 
Although the modest fashion industry and market have boomed, there were still certain styles that weren't presented and available for the consumer to purchase and utilize easily. Inspired Soul aims at catering effortless modest fashion solutions. 
Inspired Soul was founded with the clear mission; catering practical and stylish apparels to satisfy the needs of all modest fashion consumers, bearing in mind their heterogeneous preferences in regards to coverage, fitting, style, comfort and price. 

 Our vision is to be the source of effortless, premium and yet affordable modest fashion solutions in Asia. 


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